Secure File Exchange

Sending Files to RINA:

  • Click Secure Upload

  • Enter office rep email address:
    For Walnut Creek: Katherine Moody:kmoody@rina.com OR Mary Trimble:mtrimble@rina.com OR Sue Stanfield:sstanfield@rina.com
    For Oakland: Joan Stockholm:jstockholm@rina.com OR Laura Pfaendler:lpfaendler@rina.com
    For San Francisco: Laila Savelis:lsavelis@rina.com OR Gabrielle Gomez:ggomez@rina.com

  • You should then enter your contact information and any message you want to include with your file transfer. Click Notify when files have been downloaded

  • Click Select files to send

  • Browse to file or files to upload - Click Upload to send - You are done with your upload..

    You will receive an email when the files have been downloaded.

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